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Astrology dating stories

What do you say to a woman who asks you to look at her horoscope to see if a pregnancy is in her future?

Often stressed and anxious, she inquires emotionally, "Will I have a baby? " Naturally, as astrologers, we want to be able to answer these questions.

Breakthroughs follow when Venus meets liberating Uranus on the 3rd.

Their contact explosively, dramatically ends whatever may remain from her recent retrograde and blasts us further along radical, personal trajectories.

quarius is generally considered to be the sign of the zodiac that is the most forward thinking.

They love new ideas, progress, and inventiveness, often turning up their noses when it comes to anything considered to be overly traditional or at all outdated.

If the water carrier in question is not careful, this can easily translate to a crippling fear of commitment.

Aquarians are also people who love their freedom, their greatest fear being placement in a box of one sort or another.

However, the same aspects in a woman's chart that suggest pregnancy could also point to many other things.

We can't know for sure when a cycle will set the stage for a new life coming forth or, instead, manifest as personal expansion in another area.

The trine between Venus and Saturn on June 1 links to those individual, passionate impulses and attaches a grounding cord to our hearts and desires.

Commitment (including acceptance of contours) flows easily and naturally, stabilizing relationships, money and creativity.

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June promises a wild and wooly ride in an ever-changing environment. This is a month to make like a reed and sway in the wind.