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Bucharest expat dating

Gay Bucharest was there in force dancing and waving pride flags.

And, we found that traveling to Bucharest on a budget to be pretty damn easy.

Slowly that’s evolved into a general rise of acceptance that’s long overdue – But, Romania is still by most standards a homophobic country.

The general consensus of gay travelers and expats in Bucharest is that a same-sex couple holding hands in the street may still get some nasty looks or verbal abuse, but for the most part it stops there. With the 11 gay pride parade having taken place this June, we can happily say that acceptance by the general public is finally the overwhelming norm.

During our seven week stay in Bucharest, we spent an average of .00 USD per day.

It’s quite possible to spend much less than that, if you care to pinch your pennies even further and stay in a hostel (we rented an apartment), making a visit to Bucharest Romania on a budget extremely easy.

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