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Particular countries can have different legal definition of the “literary work” as the subject of copyright and different court's interpretation practices.Some countries protect almost every written work, while other countries protect distinctively artistic or scientific texts and databases only. others enjoy RULES FOR Fuck Text group ARE MUST BE 18 OR WILL BE BANNED 1 NO NUDE pictures in group if we get as admin will banned you 2. NO HARRASSMENT TO ANY MEMBERS AND RESPECTED OF THE LAD' Y AS WELL 4. Moscow/Russia, June 5: The residents of Abu, a small coastal town on the Sea of Japan, were rushed to safety as part of evacuation drills after being warned of a ballistic missile attack amid tensions with North Korea over its Srinagar/Jammu and Kashmir, June 6: In an endeavour to provide relief to the needy in the holy month of Ramadan, the Jammu and Kashmir Police in collaboration with Uday Foundation launched a campaign to facilitate people in the valley with US might ban laptops from aircraft cabins on all flights into and out of the country Washington , May29: The United States might ban laptops from aircraft cabins on all flights into and out of the country as part of a ramped-up effort to protect against potential security Indi Go has announced all-inclusive fares starting from Rs.(niggaz don't give a fuck) [Dat Nigga Daz:] Early '85 got my stack on fat Got kinda flossy and rushed me a 'Llac It felt kinda funny with money, but ain't no thang See what's a Coupe De Ville without a set of Dana Danes?

Wear it loud and wear it proud in the Canadian As Fuck black hoodie from the Peace Collective.

You will also feel good know that the purchase of this garment helps support the Breakfast For Learning program that provides two meals and a snack to Canadian children in need.

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The depicted text is ineligible for copyright and therefore in the public domain, because it is not a “literary work” or other protected type in sense of the local copyright law.

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This pullover hoodie is for those proud Canadians who want to let their style do the talking with a "Canadian As Fuck" text graphic printed in white on a black fleece fabric that provides absolute comfort.

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