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While you often sway people to your way of thinking through your coherent and well thought through arguments, you aren’t, in any way, disappointed if you can’t convince an individual.You are respectful of those who think and feel differently to you.It’s important to know the key phrases and sentiments to avoid because, sadly, it’s very easy for even the most well meaning friend to send us into a spiral of self-destruction with a few choice words so we’ll consider the don’ts – but I’ll redress the balance with some alternative dos too.My don’ts below are all inspired by real things people have said to me in recent weeks as I face my own battle with anorexia.

The first rule of thumb in the face of a difficult person is to keep your cool.Whilst we’re battling hard not to lose weight, those around us are relieved to see things stabilising or getting better and in the spirit of encouragement, they will often share their glee with us.But anything you say which suggests we are looking or acting more healthily will be interpreted as a failure on our part.And on a positive note – all the ‘do’ suggestions also come from real life scenarios I’ve experienced too. Before you say anything to someone recovering from anorexia, especially if it’s anything to do with food, weight or appearance, think about the most warped and twisted way your words could be wilfully misinterpreted to make them into a negative rather than a positive.Then you’re probably approaching the milder end of how your friend’s eating disorder will have them interpret your words.

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