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It is only at that point that I realized the extent of manipulation and abuse happening at paid correspondence websites.

The normal pattern is for women who are dating with the goal of finding a partner is to quickly narrow down suitors and concentrate on 2-3 people she really likes.

So ive been doing the online dating thing for like six years (jeez, im totally giving my age away here y'all! It's been around since forever and even now id say it ranks just behind and maybe one other site but it makes the top 3 for me, definitely no doubt about that. If you weren't lucky I guess Casual Dating4u is a good alternative. I have had two conversations that were girls on the other side of the world playing me that they are in London and just a simple IP address search showed them up!

When you've been around as long as those guys you have all that experience and knowledge I guess and they clearly use it. fake fake fake just DON' T WASTE YOUR MONEY !!!!!

Passive income: A translator works from your profile, and you are getting money for the gifts and meetings.

If you know English well and wish to improve your knowledge, you can work on one of our profiles or bring your own model, without registering on the site in your own name.

Been a long time since I was on AFF, not much has changed but it's still a good hookup site no doubt, lots of women (not hard to avoid the time wasters/ cam girls, always easy to notice) and price is what you'd expect from any sex search site really (they do offers too, worth keeping an eye out).

Not the best but AFFs been going so long it has to be given some respect for that (clearly it's getting some folks laid)!

Active income: You work yourself from your profile (from 5 hours daily).It's damn addictive though, so watch out for that LOL!!! I will be taking a trip t'o London to confront them and will be writing another review. I've been using hookuphangout (brill site, check it out) the last few years but noticed an ad for AFF last week so decided to go for it. what the hell do i want girls that are anything form 100 to 5000 miles away for.I have been using a few hookup sites (adultfriendfinder, casualdating4u) for almost three months with good results.I am a single guy who is seeking couples to get laid and for that purpose those sites are absolutely ok.

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Please make sure to read the reviews before you join any sites to limit any guess work on your end.