Updating blackberry storm

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By now most of us have heard this story in one fashion or another: when Steve Jobs and Apple were in the planning stages of the i Phone, the first carrier they brought the device to was America's largest network, Verizon.Even if you haven't heard how the tale ends -- Verizon refused and Jobs took his multi-billion dollar ball to AT&T -- you surely know the outcome.The i Phone has soared to become the ultimate smartphone, the must-have accessory that everyone from celebrities to your mom wants -- nay, s -- to have in their pocket.It's changed the landscape of modern cellphones, put a serious dent in the sales of competing devices (just recently overtaking the venerable RAZR as the best-selling domestic handset), and unquestionably raised the bar when it comes to expectations for features in new handsets.Previous Release: installing this 24hrs ago on my uk 9520, i found a few problems and issues..-my email icon is gone but the mssages icon can be used for it so not that bad.The Storm has been the buzz of the Black Berry world for much of the year.Its release date was pushed back at least once, from September to November. "There is no doubt that this device was rushed to market to make the Christmas selling season," said Nogee.

Download the OS file here: https:// Instructions for installing either version on ANY carrier's 9520: 1.

"Unfortunately, the decision was made to ship this device with bugs and fix them later, rather than to fix them first, and then sell the device." That may be so.

There are Web postings about software fixes that are on the way to deal with both the Storm's hardware and its operating system.

However, those unwilling or unable to connect to their PCs can wait for an over the air update later today.

The update addresses several bugs found in the previous application version, from problems with the accelerometer lag and touch screen accuracy to the sudden changes in volume when using a wired headset and more.

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The device is also being updated abroad, with Bell Canada reportedly distributing OS version and European Vodafone Storms now running